Terms & General Guidelines *

Eligible Properties:
                   Commercial Real Estate Properties.

Type of Loans
                   Acquisition: Loan to acquire the commercial real estate property.

                   Bridge: Short term loan issued until permanent financing is in place.

                   Construction: Loan to build the commercial real estate property.             

Transaction Size
$3,000,000 USD and up.

Loan-To-Value (LTV), Interest Rate: To be determined according to property type, asset/collateral, borrower qualifications.

Commercial Loan Brokerage Fee Agreement: To be executed between the parties after receiving the Initial Loan Request. No upfront fee.

Checklist of items that may be required

Initial Loan Request

Completed loan application

Executive Summary

Business Plan

Borrower credentials with copy of license, bond, insurance, Tax ID, R.F.C (Mexico), title report, appraisal, market sales & rent comparables. Demographic, economic, tourism data on the area.

Property description with color photos. Proposed building, site, floor, map plans.

Copy of project zoning law, land uses and permits. Third party reports (feasibility, environmental, engineering, permits ...). Status of utilities and access to property. If land leased, copy of lease.

Copy of  purchase & sale, earnest money agreement, deed and last tax bill.

Last three (3) years: borrower's W-2, personal income tax and corporate financial statements.

Year-to-Date Profit & Loss, balance sheet statements.

Projected Cash-Flow statement for the next 5 years.

Collateral Sheet

Letter of explanation with supporting documentation for any known credit problems

Financial Glossary 

* Subject to change


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