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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts was the birthplace not only of the American Revolution, but also the cradle of the Industrial Revolution in the United States. The Commonwealth has a long and distinguished tradition of ingenuity, innovation and entrepreneurship that makes it an ideal location for conducting business. Massachusetts is located in the Northeast of the United States. The largest and capital city is Boston, the second being Worcester. The fourteen counties in Massachusetts are made up of 43 cities and 308 towns  with a population of  6.35 millions. Boston is a special place in America, a city with resonance where the new is wrapped around and overlays the old without obscuring it, creating contrasts that enrich urban life, engage the mind and delight the eye

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Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots and the New England Revolution

Today, Massachusetts offers businesses the following unique advantages:

Scientific Leadership

Technical and Research Talent

Rich Resources for Research Funding and Venture Capital

Business and Partnership Infrastructure

Turning Innovations into Breakthrough Products

Accelerated Research and Product Time-to-Market 


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Education and training

Massachusetts consistently ranks first among all states in highest concentration of colleges and universities science and engineering graduates. Boston & Massachusetts are the center of higher education in the United States: Massachusetts Colleges & Universities . Massachusetts has produced half of all the Nobel Prize winners in the country. Massachusetts ranks 2nd overall in university research and development.

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Nearly half the population of the United States within a 12 hour drive.

One travel day closer to Europe than other major U.S. ports.

Only a one hour flight from 40% of the U.S. market & 67% of the Canadian market.

Business Environment

The 2001 Development Report Card for the States published by the Corporation for Enterprise Development, is an objective and comprehensive analysis of the various state business climates. The Report Card, used extensively by both state and corporate decision makers, illustrates that:  

Massachusetts earned a place on the Development Report Card Honor Roll for the 4th consecutive year. Massachusetts is the only state in the northeast and the only large industrial state to earn this distinction.

Massachusetts ranks #1 for the state with the nation's best Innovation Assets, determined by available P.h.D.s, scientists, and engineers, federal and state R&D investment, patents issued, etc.

Massachusetts ranks #1 for the highest college attainment rate in the nation.

Massachusetts received a grade of "A" for Performance, Development Capacity and Business Vitality.

Massachusetts is responsible for an estimated one-third of the world's biotechnology.

Massachusetts ranks #1 for both the number of high-technology companies per capita and the level of venture capital investment.

Key Industries
Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, Education & Research, Electronics, Environmental,  Technology, Fabricated Metals, Financial Services, Health Services and Medical Technology, Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Information Technology, Paper, Photonics, Plastics, Software, Telecommunications, Textiles & Apparel, Tourism.

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The Massachusetts Port Authority Massport is a world-class independent public authority which develops, promotes and manages airports, the seaport and transportation infrastructure to enable Massachusetts and New England to compete successfully in the global marketplace.  

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Back Bay, Seaport District, Cambridge, Commercial Property For Lease

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